Dan Siron

After a degree in Law and a ten year career as a firefighter, Dan took the decision to use his voice and build a new career, beginning with radio and then moving into voice acting. Still providing the voice for Premier Sports in the UK and abroad, he made tentative steps into acting after moving to Ireland in 2010.

After over a decade of commercial and dramatic acting, the retirement of his agent prompted Dan to think about representation, and his former agent, the fantastic Annette Walsh, suggested that he start a new agency that would utilise his personality and natural care for people. Under the guidance of Annette and a great deal of advice from casting directors, producers and actors, Red Kite Talent took to the skies in June of 2023.

Intending to start small, Red Kite quickly built a reputation for actors of the highest quality and professionalism, providing actors for film, TV, stage and commercials.

Dan lives in county Wicklow with his wonderful wife and fabulous son, two cats and a lazy dog.

We aim to provide the highest quality actors for film, TV and stage, along with a multitude of different projects, to create beautiful things. Your things.

Contact us now to see how we can help your project take off.

Why the Red Kite?

The truth is that they are one of my  favourite birds and there are lots of them outside of my home.

However, the red kite is a beautiful, graceful and easily identifiable bird of prey, with a laser focus and determination for its targets.

The actors and performers within Red Kite Talent are all of the above, graceful, beautiful, talented and focussed. So, quite by accident, the Red Kite name is a perfect fit!

Thank you for visiting and come back soon.

Red Kite Talent.

Fly High.